Tequilas Mexican Restaurant has been a staple in the Downtown District of Gastonia since 2001. After 15 years of doing business in Downtown Gastonia the decision was made to close Tequilas Mexican Grill for much needed building renovations.

For over a century this historic building has housed countless businesses. However, the internal infrastructure has never been updated until now; especially to accommodate the high traffic demands of a restaurant.

Constantly having to spend money on repairs was a relentless financial burden on the business and everyday operations. More importantly it was not a pleasant experience for many of our customers who saw the obvious need to for reconstruction.

Originally the floors were made of wood. Throughout the course of over 100 years these floors began deteriorating. We completely gutted out the entire first floor and replaced the floors with metal framing and concrete. From there we redesigned the restaurant’s layout and brought everything up to current code. In the process the owners also made the unanimous decision to change the concept and name.

After doing some research and having several discussions with the partnership/family we agreed with making a smaller menu and a new name. Our new menu is comprised of more Mexican street food, California style burritos, and a few favorites from the Tequilas menu.

Coming up with the name was a completely different story. After one year of tossing around name after name, an owners’ son (who absolutely did not like the name that was being talked about at that moment) came up with “Viva Tequis”! Viva Tequis translates to “Long live Tequilas”. And Tequis is our nickname for Tequilas Mexican Grill.

Just like Tequilas Mexican Grill, Viva Tequis is committed to serving the freshest and tastiest food in the universe!